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In "Danger Sector" Brie and the crew of the Maine Wind sail to Sentinel Island to help repair an old lighthouse whose previous owner died under mysterious circumstances. When Brie discovers that an artist and prominent member of the community has gone missing, she feels compelled to investigate. Drawn into the mysterious web of an island cabal and the pages of a secret journal, Brie is soon caught up in an undercurrent of broken dreams and hidden secrets. Using her keen investigative skills, she uncovers a mystery whose roots stretch back three decades encompassing shadowy connections to the black market art world, an illegal adoption, and a tragic love story. As a nor'easter bears down on the island, the action accelerates to a bone chilling climax in which Brie will pit herself against the fury of a ruthless killer.

Trade Paperback
352 pages, $15.00

© 2015 by Conquill Press


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