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A chilling tale of murder unfolds during a fierce September hurricane on the Maine coast in this haunting story of two deaths mysteriously bound together by the long reach of time.


As Hurricane Ivan bears down on the coast, the crew of the Maine Wind retrieves the body of a young woman from the sea. Who is she and how did she die? While searching for the woman’s identity in the aftermath of the violent storm, Homicide Detective Brie Beaumont is thrust into an investigation on Apparition Island. A verdict of undetermined death begs the question: Was this an accidental drowning? Did Claire Whitehall commit suicide, or was she murdered? As a baffling investigation unfolds, Brie is drawn back into a decades old cold case—one that has cast its shadow into the present, where she could become its next victim.




Trade Paperback

328 pages, $15.00

© 2015 by Conquill Press


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